O.K. You caught me. I’m really just one guy, not some big company.

I’ve been doing some form of tech support for almost twenty years, but I’ve been freelance since 2007.

In that time, I’ve worked with a wide range of professionals. I am the in the business of solving my client’s internet and technology problems. If I can’t fix it, I have someone I can send you to.

That’s my pitch.

I don’t feel like I have to say much more because my business has always been referral based. If you’re looking at this site, you’ve almost definitely been sent here by one of my clients or associates. Since you trust them, I’m hoping you will trust me, too, but I will work hard to earn it.

Check out my Services to learn more.

This site is running in WordPress with the Default WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen. It’s all in black because I’m not a designer and it uses way less energy than a white or colorful background. You’d be amazed how much energy would be saved globally if most websites were darker.