WordPress is awesome. Literally awe inspiring in its capabilities. Unfortunately, all that awesomeness means that A LOT of people use it. It’s believed that over one third of all websites are run on WordPress. Because it’s popular, it’s a popular hacking target. You have to stay on top of the core, plugin and theme updates. You also have to be able to back out and fix it if something goes wrong after an update.

I can do that for you, hourly or as part of a Maintenance Package.

Tier 1: Affordable, Monthly WordPress Maintenance with Hack Insurance

  • WordPress Core and Plugins up to date and functioning
  • Remote daily file and database backup with at least one month archive
  • Rollback if update causes the theme to break or a plugin to fail
  • Fix minor theme breaks due to WordPress Core upgrades
  • Theme Breaks, Plugin Incompatibility fixes, Content and other updates at Contract Rate
  • Prevent any hacks using security monitoring software
  • Fix any hacks that make it past the software (Hack Insurance)
  • Google Webmaster Tools monitoring
  • Setup fee covers account setup, maintenance plugin license cost, initial site scan, etc.

Tier 2: Customized WordPress Maintenance Packages for clients with more complex needs

  • Cost depends on level of support and hosting complexity.
  • Contact me for an interview.

Basic Maintenance

  • Site backup
  • Plugin and Platform updates
  • Site restoration
  • Security
  • Migration


  • Code injection
  • Database corruption
  • Spam URLs

Server Maintenance

  • Apache patches
  • MySQL optimization
  • CPanel, Plesk installation
  • MediaTemple, Dreamhost, Bluehost


  • System requirements
  • Platform migration
  • Email and Domain issues