I looked at my old site and found that on my client page: one client had passed away, one had closed their business near the start of the pandemic, one was bought out by a larger company, and one is still in business. Rather than name them, I’m just going to list my services and the types of businesses, organizations and individuals I am currently working with.

There are also many individuals and organizations I have helped solve a single problem and have not needed me since. This list reflects current, active clients, many of them for over 10 years.

Network, Desktop and Server Support

  • Family Owned Funeral Home
  • Small College
  • Restaurant Group
  • Retirement Community
  • Advertising Company
  • Interior Decorator
  • Doctor’s Office
  • Church


  • Private University
  • Public University
  • Author
  • Environmental Nonprofit
  • PTA
  • Farm/Nursery
  • Flower Shop

Email and WordPress

  • Acupuncture School
  • Arts Nonprofit
  • Technology Nonprofit
  • Political Action Nonprofit