I can configure your domain to legitimize your emails and improve delivery, especially of bulk emails.

When I made the move from “desktop support” (end users with technical issues) to servers, my job was to maintain email servers and manage multiple bulk email systems. A lot of this was working with the emerging Spam prevention systems like Spamhaus and other blacklisting organizations.

Because of this, I take email Spam and anti-Spam measures very seriously. Most people don’t even realize they have an issue with Spam from their domain until it’s so bad that legitimate emails are being regularly blocked.

There are now much better systems in place for preventing Spam, and it’s the responsibility of every domain to make sure they are implementing them. This is a fairly complex procedure require updates to your DNS (Domain Name Server) records and monitoring of Spam reports.

I also handle migrations to both Google Workspace and Office 365. This can be a complex procedure, especially if you want to maintain the the “threading” of emails where all replies are grouped together.